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True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports
True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports
True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports
True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports
True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports
True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports
True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports
True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports
True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports
True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports
True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports
True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports
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True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

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Make more consistent putts

The TPM allows golfers to improve aim and overall consistency by engaging shoulders, keeping wrists still, and internalizing a swift pendulum swing.

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Attach to any standard putter

Utilize the TPM to help make a perfect stroke whether it’s with a face-balanced or a toe-balanced putter.

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Practice with any grip

The True Motion Pendulum suits every type of grip to accommodate all golfers.

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Auto ball return

A smooth-gliding magnetic roll-back track enables quick and simple ball return.

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Smart, modifiable design

Adjustable length and width features are designed to accommodate every golfer.

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Attach to the center of the putter (about 6 in above the head).

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Adjust rod length to rest on the forearms and under the armpits.

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Lean into position, squeeze upper arms to body, and begin practice!

*Pro tip: Collapse to the shortest length for easy portability and storage!



Length & Width:


Our Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with the TPM for any reason, you can return it for a 100% refund within 60 days. No questions asked, and we’ll pay your return shipping. For a refund, contact us at

Used By Golf’s Best Players And Coaches

“TPM is a very effective tool to allow a player to feel what it is to make a unified balanced movement thus allowing for the most essential physical abilities of start line precision and force control to flourish.”

-- Cameron McCormick, Coach of Jordan Spieth

You can’t really hit it offline with the TPM. It forces you into the perfect position and makes you take a perfect stroke.

-- Dustin Johnson, World #1

Works With Any Putter

It’s not the putter you use that matters. It’s how you use it. The TPM helps you learn to make a perfect stroke with any standard putter.

Works With Any Grip

Don’t putt with a normal grip? Neither do some of the best golfers in the world. The TPM will show you what it feels like to make the perfect stroke with any grip style.

Adjustable Length

The TPM has an adjustable length to fit all golfers. And it collapses for easy storage in your bag so you can use it at home, on the course, or when you’re travelling.

Perfect Practice Training Aids Have Over 2,000 5-Star Reviews!

Great training aid for putting

I’ve had the TPM now for a few weeks. I’ve been using it in my short game practice sessions. It provides great training for feels. It sets you up fantastically and keeps the body and arms working together. No breakdowns. Highly recommend it.

Mike H.03.25.2020

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

Ronald H.

This is the perfect complement to the perfect practice putting mat. It will definitely help you groove that smooth pendulum motion!

Ronald H.03.25.2020

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

Best putting aid ever

The True Pendulum Motion practice aid is just what the Dr. ordered. If you need any help on putting and we all do this is the best aid I have ever tried. It is simple to set up and so easy to use. When matched with the putting mat it is a match made in heaven. This aid helps with alignment and tempo in a way that is unique and effective. Buy the true pendulum motion, you will not regret it.

Michael K.03.25.2020

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

Chris C.

This is a great training aid, probably best on the market. It is already helping my game.

Greatest training aid around03.25.2020

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

Muscle Memory

It really helps develop a true pendulum motion. Gets the big muscles working and learn to do it right.

Scott W.03.25.2020

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

Smart Training Aid

This is a great aid to help you not break your wrist and keep the pendulum motion. It has helped a lot.

Jack P.03.25.2020

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)


With the TPM, there's always time to practice the perfect putting stroke.

"I've taught with almost every putting training aid out there. The TPM is by far the best and simplest."

-- Zach Allen, Southern California PGA Teacher of the Year, Golf Digest Best Young Teacher

How to Use It

It's easy to make the perfect putting stroke with the TPM. Here are a few helpful tips and drills to start making more putts in just a few minutes.

How to Use the TPM

Attaching the TPM to your putter, adjusting its length, and getting started with your practice. A how-to with Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Corey Lundberg.

Using Your Muscles With The TPM

It used to take golfes months or even years to learn the right muscles to use when putting, but with the TPM this can all be taught in a few minutes. PGA Professional Zach Allen explains.

Fundamentally Sound Technique with James Sieckmann

Legendary Short Game Coach James Sieckmann takes you through his block practice routine with the TPM, a two-minute warm-up that will immediately help you start making more putts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dustin Johnson use the TPM?

Yes, Dustin Johnson and many other Tour Pros have added the TPM to their practice routines. 

When we introduced the TPM to Dustin Johnson, he was thrilled to have it in his practice arsenal and he uses it regularly in his practice sessions. You learn more about all the Perfect Practice training aids Dustin Johnson uses here.

What putters does the TPM work with?

The TPM works with all standard putters.

If you use an Arm Lock putter, we do not recommend the TPM as it is not designed to work with putters that have a significant amount of shaft lean.

I have a forward press. Will the TPM work for me?

Absolutely! The TPM encourages golfers to set the putter at 90 degrees at address (vertical), but because it attaches to the shaft it also works for golfers who prefer to forward press their hands toward the hole at address or just prior to the putting stroke. 

If for any reason the TPM isn’t working for your forward press, we offer free returns.

I have a non-conventional grip. Will the TPM still help me make more putts?

Yes! Whether you putt cross-handed or with another putting grip style, the TPM will encourage you to rock your shoulders in a pendulum style like the pros do so you make more putts!

Does the TPM work for lefties?

It certainly does. It attaches to the putter in the exact same way for lefties and righties. 

My tracking info states my order was delivered, but I haven’t received my product(s). What should I do?

We trust and value our carriers, but issues with deliveries can occur every now and then. 

You can also contact the carrier directly to verify that they in fact did deliver the package. 

UPS: 1-888-742-5877

USPS: 1-800-275-877


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Arnold Mensah-Brown
Great putting aid for mastering pendulum motion

As I’m starting to learn how to play golf, I’m glad I invested in TPM to develop repetition for the right pendulum motion. I’m making more putts and lagging well. Now have to master driver so I can get ball to green efficiently and improve my GIR.

Gerard Moscaritolo
Bad device

Very difficult to use. It does not adjust well while using a specific putter and grip as well as it depends a persons height . A shorter person doesn't have enough upper body length to adjust his/her arms to lay properly on the shafts and the putter is in a odd position and an awkward stance.
I purchased this item through After pay and tried to return it and the website would not let me.
I am very disappointed on the devices versatility and if the rubber hinge had more upward and downward motion for the putter shaft to sit at an adjustable angle to a persons height then it may be worth it.


Great device! Many golfers overuse either the front hand or the back hand in the putting stroke (depending on if you putt right or left handed). I have found that in addition of using it with the bars under both the front or back armpit-that it is very effective under either/only the front or back armpit depending on the issues with your putting stroke. So this way you can work on the part of the stroke that gives you the most problems-the backstroke or the follow through. In stages you can work on the way back or the way through first- before putting the best stroke together.

Ben N

TPM requires a bit of patience. When I first tried it it felt very awkward. My first round after I used it was a bad putting day( 33 putts I average around 30) . After about two weeks of sticking with I started dropping 12-10 Foot putts. I went from 33 putts to a 27 putts a round. It simple teaches to to use your upper body muscle. If I missed a putt it was because of my target line not a pull or push. One word wow not a gimmick great tool., but a takes time to get used to it.

Stephen Case
Discover the Feel of a Pro Putting Stroke

The TPM has really grooved my straight back and through putting stroke. The device locks my arms to my upper body, forcing my upper body to swing as one unit. The TPM locks my putter face square, so there's no face manipulation, no pulls, no pushes. Once you get the rhythm and motion, it's simple to start your putts online. Working with the included 5-Step videos by Zach Allen, PP putting green and a mirror, you learn the feel of a good stroke. I discovered I was taking my putter back outside; the TPM helped me achieve a good stroke. I only practice a few minutes before a round, and in one month I've seen good results: sinking long putts, making the 4-5 footers, getting the ball to the hole. It's really great to hear my playing partners say: .,"It's got a chance!" My confidence is growing, and I now look forward to showing what I can do with a putter once I reach the greens.

James McHenry

I am sure the product is excellent and helpful. I received the product and then realized that using it with my long putter was not something I could figure out how to.
I love my Perfect Practice putting mat and resoundingly recommend it to playing partners often.

Donald Peterson

It’s a gift

Tom Hare
True Pendulum

Definitely improved my putting stroke. Much more consistent and reproducible stroke on the golf course. Use it with Perfect Practice putting mat.

corey strong
TPM putting training aid

PGA of Canada professional who bought this training/ practice aid. I think its great and paired with a putting mirror really allows myself to focus on using the correct muscles to control the putter head.

Alex Masin

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

product image

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)



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