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True Pendulum Motion (TPM)
Gerard Moscaritolo
Bad device

Very difficult to use. It does not adjust well while using a specific putter and grip as well as it depends a persons height . A shorter person doesn't have enough upper body length to adjust his/her arms to lay properly on the shafts and the putter is in a odd position and an awkward stance.
I purchased this item through After pay and tried to return it and the website would not let me.
I am very disappointed on the devices versatility and if the rubber hinge had more upward and downward motion for the putter shaft to sit at an adjustable angle to a persons height then it may be worth it.

Well made but still lumpy after sitting the floor 20 days

Well made works fine. Pad has been laying on a wood floor for 20+ day and it still has lumps. putting is irregular. Ball capture and return work well.

Wish I would have gotten the full size!

Purchased the compact version and it is great! I wish I would have gotten the longer mat to help with those puts that were a little longer!

Great putt side!!!

I bought the 15 foot model to get better at control of long putts. I already had the 8 foot model and enjoyed success with it, and am now improving on longer putts using the longer model..

Bye Bye Eye

I put this on backwards and now I can’t see out of my left eye I left it on for 10 minutes and it guess I putted better thanks rusty

Just average

perfect practice

Excellent service and love the mat. Would like a suggestion on how to eliminate all wrinkles

William, thank you for your feedback. Please contact us directly at info@perfectpractice.golf so we can make sure we can get this corrected for you!

Practice practice

Easy set up. Lines are great feedback that you are rolling your puts straight. Putting mat still not lying completely flat after more than 1 month of being unrolled.

Howard, we pride ourselves in customer service so please contact us at info@perfectpractice.golf so we can make sure we get things working properly for you. We want to make sure you are pleased with your new purchase!

Putting improved immediately

Great product. Putting improvement was noticeably immediate

Fitting issue

I love the product. The problem is the hole for the stake to go through the raindrop is too small for it to properly go through. If you designed it to have the stake start narrow and get wider at the point where it should stop, or do a screw in system maybe. Just so it goes in and out easier.

High quality, could be better

Love the mat, and wooden end part hole/return system, mat is of high quality.. but edges curl up some.. for the price I shouldn’t need to get on my hands and knees and iron this thing out or steam it..

Perfect Putting trainer

I got this to help me with my start line on putts. It works perfectly. Easy to use and very easy to setup. Much easier to setup than a chalk line.

Great Mat

The perfect practice mat is a great addition to any golfers set up. Can putt anywhere from 2ft-10ft also helped me with alignment and consistency of stroke. If you golf and take it seriously then you seriously need one of these.

Thank you for your support!

Ball return issue

The quality is great but every 4 or 5 putts, the ball gets stuck at the top and I gave to go grab it. It’s kind of a pain but it’s great other than that.

Kyle, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We care about our customers very much and we are sorry that your experience was anything less than perfect. Here is our direct contact information so we can discuss the issue in more detail and reach a solution info@perfectpractice.golf

Absolutly Stunning

I got this as a gift for my dad since he was complaining about his putting game. Ever since I bought this he keeps saying he is the next Tiger Woods. If I could buy this product for somebody else I totally would.

Absolutly Stunning

I got this as a gift for my father since all he would do is complain at Christmas about how bad his putting was and now he brags about how he's the best putter and the next Tiger Woods. if I could buy it again for somebody I totally would.

Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition

Wood finish

For that much money the wood finish wasn’t even smooth where the ball comes out to return. It gets stuck because of some rough spot. Ridiculous to pay this much for that type of error

Perfect putting mat helping me make more puts

Although I'm still trying to flatten out my mat widthwise, I'm consistently hitting puts at 8' and over. Thank you for this great tool that I intend to reduce my 3-puts and overall score!

Great tool to become a better putter, would have given higher rating, but had trouble keeping it flat on floor

Great tool but arrived damaged

One of ball return tracks arrived damaged/chipped. Took a day for the mat to lay flat but somewhat expected.

Fun and great practice

I keep this next to my desk and practice multiple times a day. It's fun, but has also increased my confidence and lessened my stroke count on the greens.

I unpacked the mat and set everything up when it was delivered. 10 days later it still isn’t flat,… both sides are still raised. Also, at the base of the hill, there is a bump where it may attaches to the housing.

Waste of Money

I've had the product for about a month now, but no matter what I do the product will not lay flat. After unboxing it on the first day it was unusable, with bums and wrinkles everywhere. So I went to the internet to see what I could find. Everyone was having the same issue. I tried letting it rest naturally for a couple of days (which didn't do anything). After that, I put books over the entire surface for a couple of days, which also did almost nothing to fix the problem. Then I tried ironing the mat on multiple different heat settings, which again did little to nothing to fix the problem. Now it just sits in my room being unused because it's impossible to roll a putt straight into either hole and I don't want to use it the way it is because if anything it's going to give me bad feedback and make me a worse putter. Just a little note for the doubters that think I'm just a bad putter. For one, I am a +5 handicap so I think I know how to roll a straight putt. On top of that, I have a stimp measuring ramp that rolls putts completing straight and they also fail to go into the holes when properly aligned. 0/10 would not recommend to anyone.

Blake, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Customer feedback is very important to us. It is our goal to make sure our customers are satisfied and happy with our products! Please contact us directly at info@perfectpractice.golf so we can directly address your issues and help make things right.

Really cute but won’t flatten

I was so excited to give this to my son for Christmas! It’s super cute, however, it won’t flatten. We’ve tried everything. It’s been almost 4 months and it’s still wrinkled and rolls up at the bottom. The balls never roll correctly. From reading the other reviews, it looks like this is a common problem. This company should really be reaching out to everyone trying to make this right. It’s not a cheap item. Unfortunately, I’d say don’t waste your money on this item.

We are sorry that the mat did not meet your expectations. Your happiness is our number one priority. We would love to work with you to resolve those issues as quickly as possible. Please contact us directly at info@perfectpractice.golf. Thank you for your feedback!