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Don’t have it, yet!!!!

Where is my order?


Had this green for a couple weeks now. The return rails came in different sizes which Perfect Practice did say they would replace. But since I’ve had this putting green I’ve been unable to use it because the sides are so rolled up that the only flat spot is on the middle, where there is no hole. I’ve tried placing heavy books on the green for a week straight to try and get it to flatten out. I’ve rolled it back up the opposite of the way it came in hopes it would undo the roll and left it for a couple days. I tried rolling it with my landscape roller. No luck.

I was super excited about this product but is literally unusable.

Don’t know yet; because it’s a Christmas gift for my son. Ask me after Christmas

Help my nerves

Wonderful to be able to work on my worst part of my game right in my living room

Mirror more helpful

The mirror available to be used with the Perfect Practice mat is awesome. The Laser glasses are better for the analysis of head movement in your full swing. It would be dangerous to use both the laser glasses with a mirror, as the laser light would reflect back into your eyes.

Cool concept, warped mat

The roll and retrieval are cool features. Great for office. Major issue is the mat is warped and folded. Needs more weight to fall flush The side edges slope in, moving the ball while putting. The end/tail does not fall flat. Tried putting flat weights, but no luck.

TPM putting training aid

PGA of Canada professional who bought this training/ practice aid. I think its great and paired with a putting mirror really allows myself to focus on using the correct muscles to control the putter head.

rain drop

I painted my black line with white paint to make it more visible. That helped quite a bit. I also would like to have the stakes longer, since when the greens are soft in order to get the string taunt, you have to put the stakes in deep, thus creating a string not far above the green.

Best putting mat

Absolutely the best mat on the market. The left handed version is awesome.


Customer service is excellent…. Order was not perfect! They made me more than happy !! Haven’t had the time to practice but who cares! You need to have time to put in the work!! Will hat back after I’ve practice!!

This year I will make those putts!!

This putting device is awesome! Coupled with the putting mirror you know where your head is positioned, how the putter face is aligned and what path your putter follows. Just perfect!

Overall like it. Having trouble getting the mat to lay flat along the edges so longer putts currently still have break. Have weights holding them down when I am not using but still not flat.

Love it!!

Taking it to Arizona(golfing paradise!) be using it a lot while there!!

New purchase

The unit is very nice and the speed and smaller hole make for good practice. If you do plan to place this on carpet it is not ideal. The putt will break. I put a narrow piece of plywood and small lift on one edge to get it to be perfectly straight.

Putting Gates

A great addition to the training tools that has helped to improve my putting techniques. A visual guide that has improved my focus on my putting line. A 5 star product. Wished I had these and the other products I have purchased 40 years ago. My putting confidence has improved a hundred fold. I can’t wait to get on the green and see if I can make another 10 footer.

not bad

Works good but the ramp had a flaw so the putts roll a balls width to the left . I like it but kind of annoying it doesn't roll a little truer.

Great practice

I haven’t had any of the curl up on the edges after it was out for a day or so. I’m try to figure out what it means to make it up the ramp and miss. Is that one foot past the whole on a regular green? If nothing else, great for alignment and distance control. Glad I bought it.

Useful tool but some minor flaws

This is a useful tool for improving putting, and it is already helping me. The online Drop 5 videos are also instructive about putting technique and practice drills. The return track fits together with magnets, which makes assembly and disassembly very easy. There were no assembly instructions, but it was easy to figure out. I have had some minor issues with manufacturing, though. The mat curls at the edges instead of lying flat, which can straighten out a bad put. Also, balls sometimes don't make the 90-degree turn to get on the return track, so they roll off onto the floor. In addition, the balls don't roll all the way to the end of the track to return to the mat; currently, that's not too bad because I'm not usually working at the end of the mat. The box the mat came in is useful for quickly packing the mat up and moving it out of sight, which I do for weekly cleaning and guests.

Nice Mat

I think the mat is great. However it took too much effort to flatten it. It basically came concave because of the way it was packaged. Took me a long time to get it flat with an iron. Think this wrinkle (no pun intended) needs to be improve so it’s not such a pain to get it flat before using it.

Not flat

The mat is curved up on the sides and will not allow for a straight putt. Have reached out to customer service and have not received a response. Do you like Colton yeah

For my disabled son

I bought this for my son who is a Marine who lost both legs in combat in Afghanistan. After years in a wheel chair he is starting to use prosthetic legs. Putting on my mat helps him work on his balance and putting he loves my mst do I got him his own. Our goal is to play 9 holes then 18 next spring and go from there.

Practicing Perfect, helps...

distance control and stroke have improved dramatically... I definitely notice a lot more confidence over the ball as well, creating the mental illusion that anything inside 4'-5' feels like a gimme. Absolutely recommend.

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

Missing schools

What happened? There is a West Coast and a Pac-12 Conference. Show us some love. Need the Oregon Ducks!

Love your product

Please add WVU!! We want to buy several for Christmas gifts!!