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Zach Allen + Perfect Practice have designed a 5-Day System to get you started with your putting mat and get you putting like a PGA Pro.

Developing muscle memory is one of the most challenging things to do in sport. While using the Perfect Practice Putting Mat, you are learning how to develop a routine that will lead to increased confidence on the greens.

The Drop-5 System was designed to be completed with the Perfect Practice Putting Mat; a series of 5 short videos (plus a free bonus video of drills and tips), one for each day. Follow the System and in 5 days, you’ll have a vastly improved putting game.

Continue working with your Perfect Practice Putting Mat and you’ll be well on your way to lowering your score by 5 strokes!

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The famous Coach Rusty & Perfect Practice have designed a short tutorial video to help get you started with your laser glasses.

We recommend using your laser glasses in tandem with our Perfect Putting Mat, however they work on the putting green as well. If you don't already have a putting mat you can grab one here.

The four key ideas to focus on when using your laser glasses are outlined below:

  1. Ensures the golfer's eyes are directly over the ball. Get instant feedback!
  2. Teaches the golfer how to properly turn their head to look directly down their aim line
  3. Ensures the golfer's head stays completely still during the putting stroke
  4. After impact, teaches the golfer to follow the ball down the line to the hole (as most pros do!)

Check out the training video here:


PGA Professional Zach Allen explains how to the TPM from Perfect Practice to improve your putting stroke.

Dr. Jeremy James of GOLFFOREVER teaches you how to relieve golf-related back and neck pain through simple stretching and exercises.

Nothing grooves your putting stroke like a good practice session on your Perfect Putting Mat. However, with extended use, you may begin to experience stiffness, soreness, or even pain in your back and/or neck.

To help relieve (and prevent) putting-related discomfort, Dr. Jeremy James of GOLFFOREVER has provided you with a few quick and simple ways to improve the way your body feels and functions, so you can continue putting without pain. Watch the videos below to learn how to alleviate back and neck pain.

And if you want to learn more ways to improve your flexibility, mobility, and rotational power for golf, be sure to claim $20 off an annual GOLFFOREVER membership by using the code PUTT20 here.