How to Host an Amazing Golf Challenge for Your Big Game Halftime Party

We’re sure you’ve heard of the lengths people go to when planning a big game party. Beyond the food and drinks, the best hosts have the best game day party games.

Think about it! The most memorable football finale party you’ve ever attended is probably filled with friends, fun, and friendly competition. And if you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably looking for ways to spice up your big game day party.

Well, worry not!

We’ve got it covered.

Make this year a memorable one by staging your own halftime show! Ditch the boring game day BINGO and plan for a fun game that everyone can bond over. We’ve planned the ultimate halftime putting face-off to keep your golf-loving grandpa and your avid football fan buddy happy. So, get ready to pump up the celebration and see how you can create your own entertainment!

The Basics: Setting the Stage

Let’s start with the basics.

You could use some putters and Solo® cups. It’s a classic setup that anyone can do, and it won’t cost much money. However, it’s unlikely to impress golfers.

Instead, we suggest planning ahead and snagging our Perfect Practice® V5 Putting Mat to encourage a little friendly competition.

Unlike other mats, the V5 Putting Mat comes with everything you’ll ever need. Its gorgeous velvet surface mimics the feel of grass, making it a vastly superior pick to any “easy” studio DIY solutions you might find online. The printed training lines facilitate top-notch practice sessions. If you want even more fun, swap out the cups! Each V5 Putting Mat comes with a standard-sized practice cup and a precision-training 2.56-inch diameter cup.

You’ll even find different sizes! If you’re looking for a party-game-ready mini mat, go for our 8-foot compact mat. For an added challenge, consider the standard 9.5-foot mat. To really amplify the competition (and have an on-the-go golf practice kit), choose our 15.5-foot V5 XL Putting Mat.

Alternatively, you can choose the ultra-compact Roll-A-Putt™ Putting Mat.

Setting Up for Game-Day Fun

Once you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to plan for some game-day fun.

First, know that not everyone will be interested in all your party games. Don’t be discouraged if someone wants to sit out the halftime putting match. They’ll still have fun watching, meaning you’ll still score some major hosting points.

Second, we strongly suggest you move this little game away from your TV. Golf balls and flatscreens don’t mix.

You’ll also need a way to track scores. Old-fashioned pen and paper tracking works great. You can also use a tablet or write the scores on a whiteboard.

Got that? Great! We have ways to play this party game, but you can always make your own rules.

The Scoring System

Before you start, consider the rules of your putt-off. Your first concern should be the scoring system. While the Perfect Practice team prefers a hole-in-one mentality, you can adapt the game for any crowd. A few variations include…

  • Distance Points: Award more points for landing the perfect putt from a distance. This version is a great way to include the whole family; even the kids can join!
  • Golf Style: Each stroke is a point. Whoever has the lowest total wins!
  • Handicaps: Give the non-golfers an advantage by starting them with a few extra points.
  • Partial Credit Points: Three points for one stroke, two for two, one for three. Essentially, you award great strokes!
  • Perfect Putts Only: This is our favorite ruleset! Only hole-in-ones count!

(You can even add additional challenges. Is your crowd the perfect overlap between football fans and golf enthusiasts? Add some Perfect Putting Gates to heat up the competition!)

The Basic How-to-Play Party Plan

Next, you choose how to play. We have two simple setups:

  • Limited Play: If you have some extra golf balls, give everyone a set number of balls. For example, everyone might have five or six “turns.” This is a good option for smaller crowds but can be a slog with larger groups.
  • Timed Play: Everyone has x amount of time to sink as many putts as they can. Remember, you only have 12–14 minutes before the game resumes. Divide that time by how many competitors you’ll have.

Putting to Win

Finally, choose your win conditions. For this game, we recommend one of two ways to win:

  • Best Score: The easiest method is to tally points and determine who has the most.
  • First to Score: If you have multiple mats, you can host concurrent putts and award the first person to reach a certain total.

… And Don’t Pack It Up!

By the way! This party game can stay out for the entire big game bash! Like a football-themed cornhole setup, a putt-off is a fun addition to any “Big Game Party.” It’s an on-the-go attraction, after all!

Who knows? Leaving that putting mat out might just win you some new golfing buddies.

Be sure to leave some beginner-friendly accessories to help non-golfing pals find their groove. Our durable Putting Alignment Mirror ensures everyone at the tailgate party has a chance to sink a perfect putt.

A Few Variations to Keep Your Big Game-Day Party Fresh

If a halftime game isn’t enough for you, consider these variations of a putt-off:

  • Break Putting: Spread the fun across the entire game! Instead of cramming the entertainment into the halftime break, encourage guests to play during commercial breaks. You can count these as part of the putt-off or keep them casual.
  • Team Putting: Divide guests into two teams. We strongly suggest using this method if you have a large party.
  • Trivia Putting: Combine football trivia with golf. Ask questions and reward knowledgeable guests with a chance to use that shiny, new putting mat.

Enjoy the Game Day Party!

Are you ready for your big game day party?

Make this year’s event memorable by combining the biggest football game with your passion for golf. Perfect Practice has everything you need to plan and execute this unforgettable party plan. And we’ll keep your swing pristine year-round! Just break out your trusty putting mat whenever you need to scratch that golfing itch.