The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers

Perfect Practice products for holiday gifting‘Tis the season, and it’s time to find the golfers in your life a gift that will blow their socks off!

Give the gift of a top-notch indoor golf putting practice mat with Perfect Practice, and enjoy that warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing you picked the right present. If you’re not familiar with the world of indoor golf sets, don’t worry! We’re here to help you learn more.

Keep scrolling to find this year’s most beloved gift for the golfers in your life.

1. The Perfect Putting Mat V4 XL Edition

A man uses the indoor hitting mat, the Perfect Putitng Mat V4 XL Edition.

This is the granddaddy of indoor golf mats. The Perfect Putting Mat V4 XL Edition is the most realistic and versatile of today’s putting mats. It’s also 15'6" long, giving your loved one plenty of ways to practice their swing this winter.

Users love how the Perfect Putting Mat V4 mimics the feel and resistance of the great outdoors, and the golfers in your life are sure to appreciate its sturdy automatic return system. The set also includes two different hole sizes (6.5 centimeters and 8.5 centimeters) to add some extra challenge to those chilly wintertime games.

2. The Perfect Putting Mat V4 Standard Edition

A man lines up a shot on the Perfect Putting Mat V4 Standard Edition indoor golf simulator.If you have less room to work with, don’t worry! We also have the Perfect Putting Mat V4 Standard Edition. This remarkable indoor putting mat offers the same perks as its larger cousin — including the variable hole attachments and automatic return — in a smaller, travel-friendly package. The Standard Edition measures 9'6".

The Perfect Putting Mat V4 Standard Edition’s realistic turf mimics the grass found on outdoor courses, while its clear markings provide plenty of guidance for lining up the perfect putt. Moreover, like the XL Edition, the Standard Edition is easy to use. Just roll it up and store it away! Then, bust it out on slow office days.

Regardless of which Perfect Putting V4 Mat you choose, you’re guaranteed to get the world’s most gorgeous indoor golf mat. Each mat is made of velvet and felt turf on a sturdy rubber base, and our convenient ball returns are made of sturdy pine wood, ensuring years of fun golfing activities.

And don’t forget the Perfect Putting Mat Collegiate Collection! These mats feature all the quality golfers love alongside the gorgeous livery of their favorite colleges.

3. The Roll-A-Putt Putting Mat

The Roll-A-Matt Putting Mat, shown as one would install it while playing.

Need something even more compact? The Roll-A-Putt Putting Mat is your perfect match! This high-performance solution to practicing indoors uses the same ultra-realistic velvet and felt turf as our Perfect Putting Mats. However, unlike the larger mats, the Roll-A-Putt quickly and easily folds into a neat 10×11-inch package!

Don’t let the travel size fool you, though. The Roll-A-Putt Putting Mat packs 8.2 feet of indoor golfing fun into that sturdy PVC spool. Of course, we can’t forget the precision-painted lines, specially designed to improve every golfer’s putting skills.

4. Perfect Putting Gates

Three Perfect Putting Gates of varying sizes, ready to use.

Don’t forget the accessories!

Add some little touches to give your beloved golfers a hint of what’s to come. Our sturdy Perfect Putting Gates are perfect for indoors and outdoors! In addition to their fast setup, these remarkable little gates help golfers practice and perfect their precision hitting skills.

Each set of Perfect Putting Gates comes with three gates of varying sizes:

  • The small gate (60 millimeters tall) is perfect for at-home high-precision putting practice.
  • The medium gate (70 millimeters tall) is a great way to add some challenge to otherwise routine golfing activities.
  • The large gate (80 millimeters tall) is a great way to train and refine even the roughest hits.

We cannot recommend these enough! Even the pros love our skill-honing tools.

They’re also fun diversions for kids, many of whom want to join in on the golfing fun! Of course, we can’t let the little ones run about unattended with a golf ball. Instead, give them some guidance and help them perfect their grip with these handy putting guides.

5. The Putting Alignment Mirror

The Putting Alignment Mirror. Multiple lines are on the surface, allowing for more guidance with each hit.

Our final must-have holiday gifting item is our budget-friendly Putting Alignment Mirror.

While these mirrors are designed to pair with our V4 putting mats, they work anywhere — indoors or outdoors! Simply slide the mirror from its protective carrying case and revel in its performance-enhancing guidance.

No matter what you pick, you’ll find the best gifts of the year at Perfect Practice! We’re here to meet and exceed your golfing needs. So, cross the golfers you love off your shopping list! Help them hit the perfect putt and refine their performance all year round.