3 people using putting mat indoors

Spring Into the Season With a New Perfect Practice Putting Mat

people using putting mat indoors

It’s almost time to hit the green again!

Are you ready?

As much as we wish we could, none of us can guarantee perfect golfing weather. We can have everything ready to go, only to be foiled by a sudden downpour! That’s why innovative minds created the handy indoor putting green. These inventions give you the chance to practice your golf skills in any weather, and they’re undeniably convenient.

More importantly, modern indoor putting greens are high-tech wonders. These aren’t your grandpa’s roll-and-putt setups. Today, you can buy putting mats that look, feel, and perform like the real deal. Every swing feels authentic, and golf balls roll as true and steady as they would on a real course.

To sum things up…

You need an indoor putting green, and we’re here to show you why our Perfect Practice Putting Mat is the right choice for you.

What Is the Perfect Practice Putting Mat?

As you may have guessed from its title, the Perfect Practice putting mat is a high-quality indoor putting mat. It comes with all the bells and whistles you’d want, and we’ve added some you didn’t know you needed.

Every Perfect Practice mat has a gorgeous, easy-to-store wood frame and built-in ball return. Their mat rolls are made of the most luxurious materials — a combination of velvet and felt turf — to perfectly recreate that irresistible feeling of a natural, true roll. Buyers also receive two different hole inserts.

But those are just the surface perks.

There are plenty more reasons to invest in a Perfect Practice indoor putting mat.

Trusted By the Pros

Our durable putting mats are made for everyone, and that includes the pros!

Dustin Johnson is a vocal supporter of our amazing indoor putting green.

Aside from the convenience, these indoor putting mats offer consistent, smooth practice sessions. They’re the perfect way to play in any weather. There are even different sizes to accommodate any room.

No-Slip Guarantee

In addition to our Tour-tested TrueRoll putting surface, all Perfect Practice mats are made with a sturdy rubber backing. This prevents slipping and gives you the stability of a carpet without the associated bumps and breaks.

The rubber also serves an ingenious second life as a protective layer!

Few players have enough space to leave a putting mat out year-round. Unfortunately, far too many mats fall apart! The simple act of rolling up the mat can damage the delicate surface of many lesser putting mats. Fortunately, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat’s rubber backing protects its turf from damage and wear.

Precision Engineering

Finally, we can’t overlook the precision of a Perfect Practice putting mat.

All Perfect Practice mats come with painted measurements. They’re part of the mat, so they won’t wear out or fade. More importantly, they guarantee every player has the tools they need to master the art of a consistent, accurate putt.

Can you up the ante?

Of course, for this course! Our mats lay flat and steady, so you can add extra challenge to your practice sessions by using our Perfect Putting Gates. Alternatively, you can add our putting alignment mirror to start making headway on your golf techniques.

What People Are Saying About the Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Don’t just believe us!

Believe our many happy customers! We’ve already mentioned our Tour pros. But golfers of all ages and skill levels have come to love this great putting mat. Its unparalleled realism and compact indoor experience create the perfect combo for any practice session.

Its skillfully manufactured putting green surface guarantees the perfect roll, even on bumpy floors! One buyer, Tom, was concerned about the grout lines on his tile floor. Fortunately, he found the ball “rolls smoothly over all of them with no bounce or deflection.”

Buyers love the ability to practice indoors and improve their scores anywhere. One reviewer, Michael K., thanked the Perfect Practice Putting Mat for shaving off at least five strokes “within 4–6 weeks.” He also admitted to using his indoor putting green dozens of times daily!

So, whether you’re itching for that next putt or need a more convenient way to practice your golf skills, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is your new best friend! The Compact Edition is perfect for any home, while the Extra Long version is the right putting mat for anyone seeking a sizeable true-to-life putting surface.